AB Machining About

About Us

AB Maching and Laboratories was established in 2013 offering rare materials, measuring tests and machining consulting services for Aerospace industry. In the following years our scope of activities expanded, extending the scale of rare raw materials supplies, CNC machining and consulting. By constantly striving to improve quality and improve processes, we provide our customers, both those in the aerospace industry and the rest, with the best solutions and products of the highest quality while saving costs.

Unique Services

In order to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction, we base our operations on four principles:

  • All-in-one - service that integrates material supplying, fabrication, processing and delivery to client,
  • Consulting - full technical and advisory service,
  • Punctuality - delivery in the time required by the client,
  • Quality - the highest quality of products

Sky is the Limit

Obtaining high quality products takes place thanks to the use of modern cumputerized numerical control machines (CNC) and qualified staff. We offer CNC milling services for sheets and plates using the industrial milling machines with dimensions of 2x4 [m] and 2x8 [m] as well as waterjet and standard cutting services. We also provide milling (up 2m length parts) and turning services (up to dia. 600mm) for round and square bars.

AB Machining and Laboratories has gained the trust of clients from the aviation industry, which is a confirmation of the highest quality required by this industry. In order to formally confirm the quality, AB Machining and Laboratories is preparing to adopt the quality system AS9100 and ISO9001.